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 Villa Supplies

Units are supplied with starter packs of basic supplies you may need to begin your stay with us. This includes a trial-sized bottle of liquid dish washing soap, powder detergent for the dish washer, one Brillo pad, one roll of paper towels, one box of tissues, four rolls of toilet paper, and two bars of soap for each bathroom. Additional supplies can be obtained at Foodtown, the nearest grocery store, located on Route 209 in Marshalls Creek.

Depending on villa accommodation occupancy, which is limited to six or eight guests, units are supplied with towels accordingly. This includes one wash cloth, hand towel, and body towel for each individual. The kitchen is also supplied with one dish washing towel, two dish drying towels, and two pot holders.


Sorry for the inconvenience, but daily maid service is not available.

Towel exchange is not available, as each villa is equipped with a stack washer and dryer.