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Please Remember CHECK IN is at 7PM!!

Early check in is virtually impossible during the summer months. Turning
over 2 & 3 bedroom Villas is a timely & extensive process and cannot be

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Electrical Outages (year round)

All electric, cable and telephone services are supplied via overhead power lines. During inclement weather, high winds, falling trees, lightning, and automobile accidents with overhead poles can cause outage to these services. Restoration of service is the responsibility of the power, telephone and cable companies, and is beyond the control of Eagle Village Management. Electrical outages may not only affect the lighting of your villa, but heating and air conditioning as well.



You can expect significant snowfall while vacationing in the Poconos. Eagle Village does its best to remove snow from villa decks, steps and walkways. Normally, we wait until snow tapers off before clearing is initiated. If it snows in the evening, snow removal begins the following morning as soon as practically possible. Each villa is provided with rock salt stored outdoors on the villa decks. Please feel free to use the salt and let us know if more is needed.

Some snow storms make it impossible for our staff to safely reach Eagle Village. This will impact upon the level of
services we can provide our guests.

Please consider the impact of these possible circumstances upon your stay with us, and if for any reason you feel these circumstances are unacceptable, please consider alternate vacation arrangements.



Burning natural wood is not allowed in the fireplaces. Only Dura flame logs are acceptable, which can be purchased at local retail establishments.



Barbequing is allowed in designated areas at the Recreation Center only. Barbequing in or near a villa or deck is strictly prohibited. Violation will result in eviction from property.


Creepy Crawlers

Insects, bees, ticks, ladybugs and ants are a common encounter in the spring and fall. If you have any known allergies, please bring your needed medication.

In rural and mountainous areas, it is important to keep all doors closed. Failing to do so will allow various pests to infest your villa, which can be very difficult or impossible to fully eliminate.



Guests have the chance to see wildlife like deer, black bear, and wild turkey in the area and on the resort’s property. They are best observed from a distance around dawn and dusk.